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Regulatory Update – Public-to-Private Transactions & Private-Investment-in-Public-Entities in Nigeria

We think that Public-to-Private transactions and Private-Investment-in-Public-Entities can essentially be a game changing strategy in 2018, for private equity firms looking to create distinctive value, especially, in frontier markets, where control investments are hard to execute and traditional equity market funding alternatives may not be available to a public company. In a new update to Read More

Here’s How To Qualify for Pioneer Tax Incentives in Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria recently added 27 industries to the Pioneer Industry List. The Pioneer Industry List is a list of industries and products which qualify under Nigerian law for Nigeria’s Pioneer Status Incentives. The Federal Government of Nigeria grants Pioneer Status Incentives to businesses in industries where economic activity is not being undertaken Read More

The ILPA Guidance on Subscription Lines of Credit 2017

The Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) on June 27, 2017 issued the Guidance For Limited Partners on Subscription Lines of Credit used by Private Equity Funds( the ILPA Guidance). The Guidance is significant in view of the increasing calls for greater disclosure and better alignment of interests between institutional investors and General Partners (GPs) with respect Read More

Nigeria’s Central Bank Issues Guidelines to Jumpstart Non-Performing Loans Market.

Nigeria has taken the first strategic step to creating an active distressed debt market locally. This is a significant move in the light of the build-up of non-performing loans (NPLs) in Nigeria’s banking industry. NPLs in Nigeria’s banking sector have now crossed the N2 trillion mark and are still on an upward trajectory. The International Read More

Client Update: The Constitutional Limitations of the Limited Partnership Laws in Lagos State: Legal Implications for Private Equity and Venture Capital Limited Partners and Fund of Funds

With the introduction of a pioneer framework for registering Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Partnerships in Nigeria, Lagos State gained significance in the local private equity and venture capital industry in Nigeria as a preferred jurisdiction for the formation of private equity and venture capital funds and amongst professionals, for the constitution of professional service Read More

Private Equity and Venture Capital Fund Formation For First-Time Funds in Nigeria: Some Legal Considerations

There is a growing wave of entrepreneurs and first-time GPs in Nigeria who have recently launched or currently promoting  a first-time venture capital or private equity fund. We think that global trends in the venture capital and private equity industry justifies this development. Whilst there is still some noticeable reluctance amongst the traditional institutional investor Read More

2017 Cross-Border Venture Capital Investment Outlook in Nigeria: Some Practical Legal Considerations for Cross-Border Venture Capital Investment Nigeria.

In this Report, we provide a high-level risk analysis of some of the legal and regulatory flash points for cross-border venture capital investments in Nigeria, thereby identifying some of the factors that may jeopardize EBITDA expectations. Download PDF Resource Send us a Brief Read More

2017 Outlook for the Distressed Loans Market in Nigeria: Some Considerations For Private Equity Buyers and Regulators

In this Report, we advance the view that a cultivation of an active distressed loans market must form part of the regulatory response to increasing NPL levels in Nigeria.  We also provide a high-level risk analysis of some of the legal and regulatory flash points that frequently recur in the sale and or work out of Read More