There are a few things you should know about us before joining us. Please take the time to read through the below.

1.The name “Balogun” is a signification of ‘General’ in Yoruba language. “Harold” is an old English signification for ‘Leader’ and often used to depict a man of God’s own choosing to lead a nation. We are a firm of leaders in thought and practice and we are inspired by the conviction that our Clients, our industry and nation deserves better. Our vision as a Firm is inextricably linked to the wealth of our nation and its people.

2. We do things differently and we get better results.

3. We are not a full service law firm and do not wish to be everything to everyone. Our objective is simply to support investors, entrepreneurs and financiers of high-growth companies in Nigeria with specialist counsel and to complement that support with a deep, dynamic and functional knowledge of the sectors where our clients play and of the policies, the laws and the socio-political networks which affect their businesses

4. We are a relatively small team. This is intentional. We do not want to be a civil service. We detest hierarchy, needless precedent and red-tapism, especially when our Clients’ objectives are at stake. Ours is a congenial and egalitarian work environment

5. We are a relatively small team. We take on assignments only based on availability. This is how we are able to meet all deadlines.

6. We are deliberately young. Yet, we constantly draw from the experience of our network of mentors who are some of the most respected names in the global legal industry.

7. Our Clients come to us when they want to brainstorm or when they want to disrupt a market or industry with an innovative product/idea, or when they need help with a transaction that is very important to them. We are passionate about what we do and how we do what we do and are excited by the opportunity to be part of vision that contributes to the wealth of individuals, companies and nations. 

8. As far as our Clients are concerned, our objective is to provide an unrivalled, responsive non-negotiable world class legal service.

9. We are available to our clients atleast 20 hours/7 days of every week. Although you do not have to be at work all those hours except you really need to, you will be expected to be available for prompt client instruction and delivery. You must be available.

10. We are sectoral experts and policy advisers. You will have the responsibility to cover at least 2 sectors and the relevant agencies, if you get to join us.

11. Talent and experience are of no essence to us unless the businesses we advise succeed.

12. Our Clients and colleagues have high expectations. This is inspiring for us. So it’s hard, smart work every day. There will be long intense and challenging working days. We meet every deadline. We return every call. Our lawyers are the first ones, our Clients call when contemplating an important decision. Clients are expected to have direct access to you. There are no switchboards.

13. Our people are our most valuable asset. They are highly motivated, extremely capable, well-intentioned and passionate about creating and preserving wealth and solving problems.

14. We are never intimidated. We are not afraid to be different. It’s the ability to solve a problem that inspires us to action not tradition or the bindingness of precedents.

15. You will have a contractual obligation to disagree with prevailing views and to voice alternative opinion. You must be able to accept and give constructive criticisms and will be expected to demonstrate an uncanny ability for disruptive thinking.

16. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.

17. Our promise to our people is that they will have the opportunity to advance their professional careers faster, than in most other law firms. We offer our trainees the benefit of considerable formal training and substantial responsibilities right away, to work with clients directly and informally and to enjoy the satisfaction of meaningful client interaction at an early stage.  

18. Research and innovation is the DNA of Balogun Harold. Our firm emerged from an extensive and pioneering research by our founding partners on cross border private equity investments and taxation in Nigeria. The Firm relies on research and innovation as the cornerstone of its practice development and the Firm’s dedication to research has been instrumental in driving thought leadership in various areas of law and public policy. Every member of the firm is required to participate in research activities

19. In the end, we want to give everyone what it takes to create and share ideas, without barriers and without the limitation of hierarchy, politics or bureaucracy. 


  1. Curriculum vitae and cover letter.
  2. Undergraduate and/ or law school certificates.
  3. An indication of your sectors of interest and a PESTLE analysis of one sector of interest of your choice. This analysis should not exceed one page. 
  4. A powerpoint presentation demonstrating how you have solved a problem in the past. If you haven’t solved any or you are not sure, we expect that you either create or identify a social problem and outline your strategies for resolution.
  5. Our interviews are case study-based and intended to test your technical abilities on specific areas of law. We will let you know the specific areas of law before your interview.
  6. You will be required to take a no-fail, no-pass, Personality Test.
  7. You will be required to sign a Training Contract.

If you are extremely self-confident, wildly self-motivated and passionate about problem-solving, we would like to talk to you. Please share the above documents with us at 



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