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”we want to give everyone what it takes to create and share ideas, without barriers and without the limitation of hierarchy, politics or bureaucracy. ”

The name “Balogun” is a signification of ‘General’ in Yoruba language. “Harold” is an old English signification for ‘Leader’ and often used to depict a man of God’s own choosing to lead a nation. We are a firm of leaders in thought and practice and we are inspired by the conviction that our Clients, our industry and nation deserves better. Our vision as a Firm is inextricably linked to the wealth of our nation and its people.

We are never intimidated. We are not afraid to be different. Tradition and experience is of no essence to us unless the businesses we advise succeed. It is the ability to solve problems that inspires us to action not tradition or the bindingness of precedents.

Our clients and colleagues have high expectations. This is inspiring for us. So it’s hard, smart work every day. There will be long intense and challenging working days. We meet every deadline. We return every call.

Our promise to you is that you will have the opportunity to advance your professional career faster, because we will offer you the benefit of considerable formal training and substantial responsibilities right away and you will enjoy the satisfaction of meaningful client interaction, early on in your career.

Here's How.


Share your Curriculum vitae and cover letter.

Share your under/postgraduate and law school certificates.

Indicate your sectors of interest and submit a PESTLE analysis of one of the sectors

Demonstrate your problem solving skills, with a powerpoint presentation

Take our, no-fail no-pass personality test.

Sign our engagement/trainee contract.

If you are extremely self-confident, wildly self-motivated and passionate about problem-solving, we would like to talk to you.

Send us an email with the required documents here.