Balogun Harold is frequently retained by defendants confronted with major new lawsuits or stunned by judgments they consider unfair or unduly biased. The Firm is also engaged by plaintiffs to protect their most valuable intellectual property, reputation, goodwill, business or other corporate assets against damage, misappropriation and unfair business practices. The strength of our litigation team is in the rare ability to move the courts to, in appropriate cases,  challenge established doctrines and set new and relevant precedents and legal doctrines. As a matter of style, we would risk litigation in order to sustain the innovations that we believe will attain our client’s objectives. Our litigation strengths are best known in the following areas:

Investment, Securities and Shareholder Litigation
Tax Litigation
Intellectual Property Litigation
Employment, Compensation and Pensions Litigation
Real Estate and Construction Litigation
Commercial and Contracts Litigation
Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Creditor Rights Litigation
Insurance Disputes & Financial Services Litigation
Mutual/Investment Funds Litigation
Electricity and Utilities Litigation
Internet, Social Media Litigation
Anti-Trust Litigation
Angel/Venture Investor/Founder Litigation