The foundation of our Approach is our sector-specific knowledge as well as a relentless discipline to obtain an intimate knowledge of the client’s requirements and objectives in every transaction.

We practice a strong focus on shareholder value and with every instruction, the base line consideration is always how we can eliminate risk, reduce information asymmetry, allocate risk efficiently and maximize value to the investor. One of the ways we achieve this is to always look beyond the deal. Our perspective is simply that deal making ends with exit and not with closing. Our approach to deal making is therefore critically holistic. Time and again, we find that legal support is critical to value creation not only at the deal-making stage but through the holding period. We find that both the quality of legal support and also the consistence and the level of integration of expert legal support within the investor’s value creation strategy and investment thesis can significantly impact EBITDA expectations. This is especially so in frontier, high-risk markets and in an increasingly unpredictable environment where legal risk is not only contractual but increasingly political, regulatory. As part of our Approach, we strive to understand the Clients’ investment thesis and value creation strategy on every deal, whether that’s rooted in financial engineering or in a wholly synergistic approach or a combination of both. With the benefit of that knowledge, we are able to provide a sustained and coordinated, end to end, approach to the management of the risks that come with the investment of private capital, from fund raising, to diligence, to negotiation and deal close, through holding and operations to exit.

We are continuously investing in not only understanding the markets and industries where our clients play but in also developing strong competencies around the operational dynamics, competitive issues and commercial requirements that typify the markets and industries that we represent. Taking the benefit of a strong technical background, a nimble, hands-on approach, in addition to the market insights gained from our extensive sector focus and a deeper understanding of our Clients, we bring a strong operational perspective to bear on every deal and are often able to find workable structures and solutions around latent risks to get deals through.

Central to our approach, is the degree of responsibility that we attach to M&A and finance work. Our M&A teams are staffed with senior counsel that have the experience to spot sensitive issues of potential liability impacting EBITDA sustainability, in a timely manner and to articulate these issues quickly, in understandable business language.


“Our mission is simply to support investors and financiers of high-growth companies in Nigeria with specialist counsel and to complement that support with a deep, dynamic and functional knowledge of the sectors where our clients play and of the policies, the laws and the socio-political networks which affect their businesses.''

Investors focused on Nigeria increasingly require experienced and detailed scrutiny of potential investments and of their limited, general and strategic partners. Our Enhanced Due Diligence offering assures of a comprehensive, customized legal due diligence process, including on-site and virtual exercises, regulator-engagement and document collection on behalf our Clients. Because of our specific sector approach and our specific focus on regulation and policy, we are able to complete due diligence instructions very quickly, efficiently and affordably. With every due diligence assignment, our focus is to emphasize all potential transaction risks that might have an effect on future EBITDA sustainability.

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Balogun Harold is Nigeria’s first law firm to specialize in venture capital and private equity financing for investors and financiers of high-growth businesses. The Firm provides strategic Mergers, Acquisition and Debt Finance support for venture capital, private equity and strategic investors and financiers focused of high-growth businesses. The Firm’s strengths are primed for providing transactional, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution support to investors and financiers of high-growth businesses in relation to the legal aspects of investing, financing , value creation and value extraction. Our clients are assured of the complement of a deep knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the industries and sectors of investment.

High-Growth Businesses

We are the law firm that technology, emerging and high-growth companies go to when they want to raise financing, when they want to disrupt an industry, when they are looking to strategically engage regulators and when they want to protect or defend their most important assets whether by registration, by court action or by other means legally possible. From acorn to unicorn, we connect, advice, and support high-growth businesses through every stage of their growth and evolution.

Public Policy & Regulation

Government action whether by regulation, law-making or policy making affects our personal and business lives, across many industry sectors in many ways than we can imagine. We strive to play a constructive role in shaping debates, providing insights around significant regulatory and public policy issues affecting not only the markets and industries where our clients play but also our society and our profession. We support Government Ministries, Department and Agencies on the legal aspects of the policy and regulation development process from conception to implementation whilst offering valuable business perspectives. We also provide regulatory and policy strategy support for our high-growth, businesses and their financiers, working them through the murky waters of a regulatory landscape that is being rapidly redefined by technology and innovation, with the strategic objective of eliminating regulatory risks and also helping them position their business to spot trends and respond to the increasing tension between private enterprise and government regulation.


“We are available on weekends and after working hours. We will give all our clients personal attention. We return all phone calls. Once we agree a deadline, we will keep it. We will not hesitate to turn down unethical requests. If you ever find anything that does not meet your expectations, please bring to the attention of our quality control partner immediately at