Since Balogun Harold was founded, we have always adhered to a set of guiding principles. Our hope is that all our clients and anyone else who interacts with Balogun Harold will understand that the following core values guard our decision as a firm and the way we conduct ourselves as individuals

Commitment To Excellence

Continuous learning is a priority at all levels at Balogun Harold. We take pride in the professional quality of our work and we engender a strict focus on our core technical competencies and continuously invest in understanding the markets and industries, where our Clients play. This is inherently gratifying for us as our Clients get the benefit of the highest quality of legal advice at the exact time of relevance.

Markets Are Our Way

Balogun Harold implements a strategic sector focus and its legal teams are structured around target markets and industries. Time and again, we find that it is easier for us to see opportunities when we take the time, effort and investment to  understand the markets, sectors and industries where  our Clients play.  This way, we are able to anticipate our Clients’ changing needs and to deploy new solutions promptly.

Our Clients Come First

For us, this means that the interests and strategic objectives of our Clients come ahead of precedent, custom, bureaucracy or hierarchy. We aim to always do what is best for our Clients in all situations and to always earn their trust and confidence.

We Will Create Wealth

The question we always ask ourselves is, will our clients make more and or save more money because of the counsel we provide? Wealth creation is fundamental thinking in Balogun Harold. Balogun Harold is founded on the core belief that the law is fundamentally an instrument of wealth creation. Every instruction is analysed and executed based on a relentless and enduring energy to create, preserve and grow the wealth of the people who entrust us with their business.

Flexible Billing & Budget

We pursue a flexible and scientific approach to billing. Our alternative billing arrangements helps us to reduce inefficiencies associated with traditional billing arrangements. We embrace technology that reduces overheads and improve the way legal services are delivered and helps us focus on only the results that add tangible value. For our Clients, this means, improved ability to predict costs, 15-30% cost savings on legal fees and better-aligned incentives for a sustained attorney-client relationship.

Outcome Driven Approach

We are big on process, project and case management. We implement an Outcome-Driven Innovation Approach in the execution of Client instructions. With these approaches, we collaboratively pre-define Clients’ objectives, identify latent risks, map-out outcomes and metrics for measuring success on every instruction.

Our People

We make an effort to recruit the very best persons especially those who demonstrate  a great capacity for patience and the passion and commitment to learn, to solve problems and to think critically. For us, a law degree is not just enough. Everyday, we strive to create opportunities to help our people move ahead and advance their career more rapidly than is possible in most other law firms, giving them the benefit of rewarding engagements early on.


Our reputation and integrity are key to our success and we adhere to the highest possible standards of professional and ethical responsibility. For us, as far as integrity goes, there shouldn’t be any difference between the professional lives and personal lives  of our people. And so, we expect our people to maintain the highest ethical standards not only in their work for the firm but in everything that they do.