Start-ups and high-growth companies have unique needs that are best served by expert counsel who not only understand the peculiar needs of emerging companies and but are passionate about innovation, technology and disruption. At Balogun Harold, we understand innovation and are dedicated to supporting innovators all over Nigeria across key sectors. We are the law firm that technology, emerging and high-growth companies go to for their most important deals; when they are looking to raising finance, when they are looking to scale, when they have come up with an innovative, market defining idea, when they want to disrupt an industry, when they want to exit their company, when they are looking to strategically engage regulators and when they want to protect or defend their most important assets  whether by registration, by court action or by other means legally possible.

QuarterBack is Balogun Harold’s Start-Up Program focused on emerging tech and innovation- driven companies. QuarterBack offers strategic advice and indispensable business perspective, helping start-ups through their growth trajectory from launching businesses, to scaling, to corporate and tax structuring, to raising angel, venture and strategic financing and shares sale/transfer or taking their companies to IPO. We are happy to say that we represent some of the most innovative businesses in Nigeria, many of whom are shaping how business and work is done, how lives are lived, and how governments are run, every day, in Nigeria.

Because we realize that getting top level legal advice at an early stage can have a tremendous impact on a company’s success and that start-ups, often lean on cash, will need affordable and flexible billing without compromising the highest quality of legal advice, our Quarterback Program is designed to provide the highest quality of legal support and representation to start-ups and high-growth companies. Early-Stage companies  and start-ups will get the benefit of our Flexible Alternative Billing Arrangements (FABA) complete with deferred and/or equity payment  structures.

If you wish to learn more about our FABA program, please send an email to

Here are some of the other areas where you will receive professional legal support and counsel.

Subscription & Shareholders’ Agreement
Intellectual Property Protection
Incubators and Accelerators
Employee Options and Vesting
Private Wealth & Offshore Restructuring
Taxation and Pensions
Acquiring Real Estate
Negotiating Your Term Sheet
Intellectual Property Audit & Strategy
D&O Insurance & Indemnification
Building an A+ Team
Corporate Governance, Benefits and Compensation
Partnerships and Joint Ventures
Mergers & Acquisitions
Setting up a Venture Capital Fund
Venture Debt
Founder Agreements
Directors, Board Observers and Consultants
Participating Clients