Facing the Future – Balogun Harold Announces New Brand Identity to Reflect its Value Creation Approach for Buyers of Legal Services in Nigeria

Dear Friends and Clients,

We recently announced a new brand identity for Balogun Harold, to reflect additional elements of our value creation approach. Our new identity is a reflection of our understanding of the changing needs of buyers of legal services in Nigeria and has become imperative in view of a flurry of paradigm shifts on the client side, especially, within the context of how law firms define, create, price and add value.

Most importantly, our new identity is a reflection of our growth and also an internalization of the feedback that we have received from the market in the past year. To be sure, our approach to creating value is still very consistent with our fundaments. Today, we are still fundamentally pursuing a deep sector-specific approach as opposed to the traditional practice-area approach which is common with traditional law firms. This means that, operationally, we do not have the typical nondescript operational captions like ‘tax’, ‘company secretarial’, “intellectual property” etc. as separate ‘practice areas’. What we have are domain experts on a sector by sector basis, who not only understand the tax, intellectual property or other operational distinctions of their sectors of focus but also are masters of the financing, investment and competitive dynamics of their sectors of focus. Its significantly more than just been “commercially aware”. Our lawyers are admitted into industry sectors, from the get-go and each sector is led by a senior consultant. Secondly, we are still supremely focused on advancing and protecting the interests of investors, lenders and promoters operating across all the industry sectors we are focused on; said Olubunmi Abayomi-Olukunle, Managing Consultant at Balogun Harold

Some of the feedback that we have received identifies a strained privation of candor, that is, the quality of been honest “intellectually” with the client. We didn’t see much of that in the market. We thought it was a critical gap, and so we decided to reaffirm same as a fundamental element of our convictions and to assure our friends and clients that they can expect the best possible standard of candor when they entrust us with their business.

Another of such feedback relates to what we consider to be a less than desirable approach to addressing “conflict of interest” issues, especially for transaction counsel. We find that “conflict of interest” issues account for a substantial loss of transactional value for, not just Nigerian companies but also global companies and global law firms seeking to engage local counsel on transactions in Nigeria. We wanted to reaffirm our values as unrelenting fiduciaries and also assure our friends and clients that they can expect that we will put their interests ahead of ours always.

We have also taken a few ideas from the consulting industry especially in terms of how we select, evaluate and build the capacity of our lawyers, how we define and reward productivity and how we incentivize our lawyers.”

Our new white and black theme signifies simplicity, original thought, depth, authenticity, candor and ethical integrity.

February 2019