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Balogun Harold Launches Second Opinion Practice

Balogun Harold has announced the launch of a Second Opinion Practice. The Practice provides a platform that allows the universe of investors, lenders, in-house counsel, foreign law firms and business people to receive the benefit of a second legal opinion on any issue of legal concern. The Practice is the first of its kind in Nigeria and is focused on the litigation, transactional and regulatory advisory needs of clients.

It is often not easy for a client to know whether or not that client is receiving the best possible legal advice. It always helps to obtain a second legal opinion where a lawyer’s ability leaves much to be desired, before things go from bad to worse. The launch of our Second Opinion Practice is a response to a growing demand from investors, general counsel and foreign law firms who have had a genuine reason to doubt a first opinion, whether for conflict of interest reasons or for reasons related to a law firm’s lack of commercial awareness of the issues at hand, or where a lawyer does not seem familiar with an area of law or with the legal complexities involved in a particular matter. In other instances, clients simply want to move ahead with transactions that have been stalled by contrived, overstated legal issues and get clear, direct and meaningful advice and strategy about how to resolve a legal or regulatory issue. Increasingly, we find that clients want greater certainty that they are making a proper decision and getting value for money. Second opinions allow clients to get access to the best possible approach to resolving their issues without necessarily having to abandon the ongoing relationship with their current attorney. Our sector-focused approach to law practice affords us unique insights, discretion and judgment on commercial issues and dynamics prevalent across the industry sectors and markets where we advise. We are confident that clients using this service will receive the best possible counsel and approach to resolving their issues whilst also achieving their personal and/or commercial objectives without incurring unjustifiable costs

Balogun Harold is a corporate finance boutique law firm that specialises in fund formation, investment, compliance and transaction advisory for venture capital, private equity, impact funds and project promoters focused on Nigeria. The Firm provides strategic mergers, acquisition, debt finance and investment support for venture capital, private equity, impact investors and promoters focused on high-growth businesses, projects and entrepreneurs in Nigeria. The Firm adopts a unique sector-based approach to law practice, thereby moving away from the traditional practice-area approach of generalist law firms in Nigeria. In the past year, the Firm has built a core of sector specialist counsel and developed strong competencies around the operational dynamics, competitive issues and commercial requirements relevant to its industry markets and sectors of focus.

If you wish to learn more about our Second Opinion Practice or to discuss any pending legal issues, please send an email to info@balogunharold.com or call 09092104676 .