What We Stand For

Why Clients Prefer Us

The Name On The Door

The name “Balogun” is a signification of ‘General’ in Yoruba language. “Harold” is an old English signification for ‘Leader’ and often used to depict a man of God’s own choosing to lead a nation. We are a firm of leaders in thought and practice and we are inspired by the conviction that our clients, our industry and nation deserves better. We figured we‘d put our vision on the door.

Who We Are

We are a legal consulting and strategic deliverables law firm for Government, Lenders, Investors and Business Owners operating in Nigeria and across Sub-Saharan Africa. All our efforts are focused on the sole objective of helping our clients succeed. In doing that, we rethink conventional practices, implement innovative strategies and leverage our specialized knowledge and broad network to make the most of our clients’ opportunities for success.

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset. Each industry expert, they are capable, well-intentioned and passionate about using the law as a problem-solving tool. For us, it isn’t just about a law degree. We make an effort to attract balanced persons who, in addition to academic excellence, demonstrate a great capacity for solution thinking, for learning and critical thinking.

Our Conflict of Interest Protocols

We wouldn’t be “caught in the middle” on any account. We implement a rigorous and highly-efficient conflict checks procedure across board. Our clients trust that we would be open and upfront with them ( or walk away) if their interests will be jeorpadized on account of a previous or current engagement or employment.

Our Simplicity

Forget the 10-pager opinions and the grandeur of fancy optics. Our clients trust that we understand the issues and will cut through the clutter. For us, the winning strategy isn’t necessarily a complex one and complexity can often result from very little understanding of the key issues

Our Integrity

Our clients knows that we adhere to the highest possible standards of ethical conduct not only in our work for the clients but in everything they do outside the firm.

What We Believe

Time and again, we have found that that its easier to help our clients create sustainable wealth and mitigate business/investment failure when we take the time to understand the markets where they play. For us, its more than being just commercially aware; its about building a core of sector specialist counsel and developing strong competencies around the operational dynamics, competitive issues and commercial requirements relevant to our clients’ industry, markets and sectors of focus. For this reason, Balogun Harold is not structured around the traditional “practice areas”. What we have done is to implement a deep industry focus and to structure our legal teams around the markets & industries where our clients play.


Our clients trust that we say it the way it is. We implement a culture of intellectual honesty in all engagements with our


Execution is everything for us. Our clients trust the we would execute their instructions in the most efficient, agile, detail-oriented, cost-effective and innovative way possible.


We use our knowledge of the law, business & strategy to help our clients create sustainable wealth and mitigate business & market failure.


We are cut from some of the oldest & best law firms in Nigeria and advised some of the most active investors and innovative companies in Nigeria. For us, serving others is the key to meaning & purpose.

Our Approach to Deal Making

We implement an end-to-end approach to deal making. The way we see it, deal making ends with exit ( not closing) and realising an investor’s preferred return. This approach has helped us innovate around many of the typical challenges that investors face in frontier markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. Whether it’s a diligence on a prospective target or a limited or general partner, we move away from the checklist approach to a more strategic and enhanced approach to identifying and structuring around transaction risks.