Why Clients Prefer Us...

Sector Replacement

We are Sector Experts.

This means that our Firm is not structured along “practice areas” like the traditional law firms. Instead, we have structured our Firm around industry sectors. Here’s how this works for us –  Our lawyers are assigned to a sector grouping when they join the Firm and are trained to provide transactional support on the tax, finance, regulatory, investment and intellectual property aspects of that sector, towards becoming industry experts. On a day-to-day basis, the learned motivation of our lawyers involves analysing the precise effects that key pricing, regulatory, economic and political variables may have on the legal relationships which our clients enter into -. This way we are able to focus on key economics, business and commercial issues during negotiations and able to address the changing needs of our clients in the sectors where they operate. Its partly how we are able to  continuously provide the type of nuanced legal and transactional support that helps our clients become and remain market leaders. Inevitably, we are able to spot market opportunities earlier and help our clients take advantage of these opportunities in a timely manner.

We are Investment & Finance Focused

This means that finance and investment transactions stand at the core of our Firm and the experience of the founders of the Firm. This also means that we can frequently tap into our network of investors, regulators and promoters when our clients need that level of support.

Investment & finance

We are shrewdly shrewd

We have had to hack the traditional law firm business model. Today, we are at least 40% less than the traditional law firms on rates and more efficient on getting deals done. We can prove this.

One Entry Point

We are able to quote on an Africa wide basis. This means that we are able to execute the full range of transactional legal support for finance, market entry and investment transactions across key Sub-Saharan African markets, through our Africa Legal Network

One Entry Point
Agile & Innovative Execution (1)

Agile & Innovative Execution

We found that agility and innovative execution are key success factors for any market entry strategy or investment thesis focused on frontier markets like Nigeria. So much so, in a relatively weak regulatory and contract enforcement environment.  We are permanently stuck on this ideology and have totally imbibed it. As a result, we are a deliberately nimble and small team. Every instruction is treated as urgent. Yet, we won’t take on additional instructions where our team were to be fully engaged.

Clarity & Candour

Forget the 10-pager opinions and the grandeur of fancy optics. We cut through the clutter. We figured that the winning strategy isn’t necessarily a complex one. In fact, complexity can often result from very little understanding of the key commercial issues on a deal. Candour is everything for us. We wouldn’t be “caught in the middle” on any account. We implement a rigorous conflict checks procedure across board. Our clients trust that we would be open and upfront with them ( or walk away) if their interests will be jeorpadized on account of a previous or current engagement or employment.

clarity and candour (1)