The Problem We Solve

The problems we solve for our clients are two-fold. We help businesses, government and investors to mitigate risk and to create sustainable wealth. We are a market- focused finance & investment law firm for lenders, private equity, venture capital and strategic buyers focused on Africa. We regularly advise high-growth local businesses across a select variety of markets. All our efforts are focused on the sole objective of helping our clients succeed. In doing that, we rethink conventional practices, implement innovative strategies and leverage our specialized knowledge and broad network to make the most of our clients' opportunities for success.


We advise global companies and investors that are looking to replicate and consolidate their success in Africa.


We advise Nigerian businesses that are passionate not only about solving local needs, but also, about expanding their reach and going global with their products & services.


We advise governments that are looking, not only to increase their revenues but to also, solve real problems for their people.

Our Deal Making Approach

We implement an end-to-end approach to deal making. The way we see it, deal making ends with exit (not closing) and exit for us is that point on the curve when all or most EBIDTA expectations have been realised. This approach has helped us innovate around many of the typical challenges that investors face in frontier markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. Whether it’s a diligence on a prospective target or a limited or general partner, we move away from the checklist approach to a more strategic and enhanced approach to identifying and structuring around transaction risks. We also implement a monitoring model that deals with the information asymmetry issues which is common with private equity investment and financings in frontier markets. We match opportunities to investment thesis and offer the advantage of strategy and by-side deal origination.

Our 8 Factor Framework

We Guarantee Excellent Work
Continuous learning is a priority at all levels at Balogun Harold. We take pride in the professional quality of our work and we engender a strict focus on our core technical competencies whilst continuously investing in understanding the markets and industries, where our clients play. This is inherently gratifying for us as our Clients get the benefit of the highest quality of legal advice at the exact time of need.
Markets Are Our Way
We implement a deep market focus and our legal teams are structured only around markets and industries. Time and again, we find that it is easier to mitigate risk and create wealth for our clients when we take the time and effort to understand the markets and industries where our clients play.  This way, we are able to anticipate our clients’ changing needs and deploy new solutions promptly.
Our Clients Come First
The interests and strategic objectives of our clients come ahead of precedent, custom, bureaucracy or hierarchy. We do only what is best for our Clients in all situations.
We are Affordable
Getting quality legal services shouldn’t be so expensive. We find for the most part that,  overheads, internal inefficiencies and most times, little understanding of the client’s objectives remain  constant items on expensive legal bills. At the core of our operations,  we pursue a lean strategy that embraces technology. Coupled with an extensive market focus,  this reduces our overheads and significantly improves the way legal services are delivered whilst also helping us focus on only the results that add tangible value to our clients. For our clients, this means, improved ability to predict costs and significant savings on legal fees.
We Will Drill Down
We are big on process, project management and outcomes. Every instruction to us is a project that we manage intimately from start to finish. We implement an outcome-driven approach that helps deliver on clients’ exact objectives on time, on-budget and to quality.
We Invest in Our People
Our people are our greatest investment. Each a sector expert, they are capable,  well intentioned and passionate about using the law as a problem solving tool. For us,  it isn’t just about a law degree. We make an effort to attract balanced persons who, in addition to academic excellence, demonstrate a great capacity for solution thinking, for learning and for critical thinking.
You Won't  Have Any Reason To Doubt Our Integrity
Our reputation and integrity are key to our success and we adhere to the highest possible standards of professional and ethical responsibility. And so, we expect our people to maintain the highest ethical standards not only in their work for the firm but in everything that they do outside the firm.
We Will Create Wealth
Wealth creation is fundamental thinking within Balogun Harold. All your instructions to us are analysed and executed based on a relentless and enduring energy to create, preserve and grow the wealth of the people who entrust us with their business.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution


Balogun Harold is frequently retained by defendants confronted with major new lawsuits or stunned by judgments they consider unfair or unduly biased. The Firm is also engaged by plaintiffs to protect their most valuable intellectual property, reputation, goodwill, business or other corporate assets against damage, misappropriation and unfair business practices. The strength of our litigation team is in the rare ability to move the courts to, in appropriate cases, challenge established doctrines and set new and relevant precedents and legal doctrines. As a matter of style, we would risk litigation in order to sustain the innovations that we believe will attain our client’s objectives.


QuarterBack is Balogun Harold’s Start-Up Program focused on emerging tech and innovation- driven companies. Start-ups and high-growth companies have unique needs that are best served by expert counsel who not only understand the peculiar needs of emerging companies and but are passionate about innovation, technology and disruption. At Balogun Harold, we understand innovation and are dedicated to supporting innovators all over Nigeria across key sectors. Today, we are the law firm that technology, emerging and high-growth companies go to for their most important deals; when they are looking to raising finance, when they have come up with an innovative, market defining idea, when they are looking to disrupt an industry, when they are looking to strategically engage regulators and when they want to protect or defend their most important assets, whether by registration, by court action or by other means legally possible. If you are a start-up, we would like to have a chat. Please reach out to us on