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Balogun Harold is a top tier law firm in Nigeria for technology transactions, strategic market entry investment transactions and private equity investment and fund formation transactions. Balogun Harold undertakes debt finance, private funds & private equity transactions for foreign investors, fund managers & lenders doing business in Nigeria. Our clients are mostly local and foreign strategic investors and corporates, private equity limited and general partners, private equity fund managers, investment banks and managers, international lenders and government agencies. We also provide captive technology, venture capital and private equity support to banks, other financial institutions and mature companies across our sectors of focus.

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What is the Ideal % of Shares That a Female Tech Co-Founder Should Have in a Tech Start-Up, to Qualify That Start-Up for Investment from a "Women's Fund"?




What is the ideal % of shares that a Female Tech Co-Founder should have in a Tech Start up, to qualify that Start-Up for Investment from a "Women's Fund"?






"By 2050, 1 in 4 Global Consumers Will Be African"

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Here at the UK-Africa Investment Summit with 16 African leaders.

Looking forward to furthering and deepening our trade ties.

2020 is the year 🇬🇧 reaches out across the world and kick starts the decade of trade.



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